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ok so the earth is a roouuuunddd

i just took a little trip to le doctaire's because my infamous spots are starting to hurt a lot. so she decided that no, i do not have the chicken pox i have some kind of 'infection'. so now i have to put a "mild steroid cream" on them...i wonder why doctors think that if they talk to you like that you will understand, because i sure didnt, and then she said everyother day put a bacteria cream on it and by that point i was just like alright, no idea what your talking about but i'll continue nodding my head. now im sitting here having some crackers and cheese and debating whether or not i should go to school. i might as well i mean i dont have anything better to do. and after all i do have a car to drive. if i had somewhere fun and cool to go i would DEFINETLY go there, but i don't. so i just decided off to school it is! i'll tell you how it goes.
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