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reaching for the top

i think the whole intention of any phish song is too make you feel like getting baked. today in social i was listening to phish and i was imagining listening to it outside while laying on the grass really baked. that would be sweet. and im really not one to endorse weed but...whatever. thats what i felt like. today also we had to do free-writing in english and i started to write about summertime and ended up writing about why we are forced to grow up in the "right". today was definetly a thinking day. i cant wait to go to mexico. and then me and jesse are going to bc! it'll be fun. anyway..im sick of typing since my stupid space bar keeps getting stuck down and then puts random spaces into my words and i have to erase them and try again. spring break is stellar.

oh and i got my license today.
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What is a phish. Congratz on your liscenese :D
congratulations on your liscense getting.